HOW Conference: Day Two

Today I got up early to be in a Photoshop class at 7:30 p.m. This was definitely a "how" class on the new Photoshop CS3. Unfortunately, I don’t have that version so a lot of the tips I learned aren’t applicable. But one day…

I haven’t told anyone at the conference that I do not own a Mac or even use one at work. Everyone here is a Mac user (they "booed" a PC user who won Adobe CS3 in one of my classes when he said he used PC). The shame. Oh, the shame.

I really enjoyed my classes today. I’ve enjoyed all classes but one (the cusser class that I walked out on; see yesterday’s post). I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration. I didn’t realize it at the time, but when I registered I signed up for THE class that everyone wanted to go to – Storytelling with Kit Hinrichs of Pentagram. Before this conference I had no idea who Hinrichs or Pentagram was. Apparently, he and they are pretty important. He was pretty funny, asking us if any of the other speakers "squeaked" onstage due to their weight.

I absolutely loved the rich-media PDFs class that I took. Bob Connolly of pdfPictures showed us how to use a layout created in InDesign CS3 and insert video. Then you can insert a button for a viewer to click. When they click it, a video will play. How awesome! Connolly’s company did several e-brochures for Aruba, Sheraton, Toronto, and Dell. Check out his website to see examples of rich-media PDFs.

I also enjoyed the Wacom Tablet class that I took. I have got to get one of these. You can use them to illustrate. But, you can also use them to edit photos. I also learned some new techniques when editing photos. The tablet makes it much easier and gives more control. There’s a lot to do with pen pressure. For example, when you use a mouse in Photoshop you have only two options for opacity. On or off. But when using a tablet, you have endless possibilities because of the sensitivity to pressure. You can make an object as opaque as you want. So cool. Got to have!

I’ve really learned a lot. Of course, a lot of what I learned I can’t do because I don’t have InDesign, the newest version of Photoshop, or a Wacom tablet. But one day I will. I’m just saving up for them the old fashioned way.

Oh yeah, I am totally inspired to learn how to make Flash. I can’t wait!


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