Inspired 07-13-07

Things that have inspired me today…

  1. The veggie/fruit creations posted on Stacy Julian's blog.
  2. Ordered some new fonts from Donna Downey. I absolutely love her handwriting and have already used one of the fonts in my layout about Pedro (see post below).
  3. Pedro's too new to leave by himself all night, so we planned a date night at home. We're getting southwestern rolls and a fajita from Chili’s. Picked up two movies: Hitch (which we’ve seen and absolutely loved) and Pan’s Labyrinth (brand new; haven’t seen it but heard it was good). Have I mentioned how much I love movies?
  4. While picking out the movies, I picked up three new books to read: Eragon (a book a movie of the same name is based on; I heard the book was better); The Field Guide (The Spiderwick Chronicles) (never heard of it, but looked interesting); and Twilight (read about it on Jessica Sprague's blog). Yes they are all children/teen books. I kind of prefer that. Have I mentioned how much I love books?
  5. Target. Just overall inspiring and great place to get away to during my lunch break.
  6. Claudine Hellmuth’s collage techniques. I want to get her books and dvds to learn the fascinating techniques she uses. She takes collages to a whole other level!

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  1. Eragon is great. I love children’s books, too. And did you know they’re making a movie from the Spiderwyck Chronicles? Stars that kid from “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

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