New Layout and Other Thoughts

Here's my newest digital layout:


Supplies: "Celebrate America" collection downloaded from (paper, circle); Digital template by  Melissa Renfro and downloaded from; "CK Jr High Girl" by Elsie Flanagan and downloaded from

Also some other thoughts…

Read Twilight in one night and one morning. Amazing book! Even though it is in the older child/teen section of the bookstore, it had me hooked! A great vampire love story (a guilty pleasure of mine).

I must have a fascination with vampire stories because I absolutely loved the Christopher Pike vampire novels, Underworld and Underworld Evolution, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, etc. Anyway, Twilight is a must read! On the other hand, I don't recommend Pan's Labrynth. Didn't make it past the first thirty minutes because of an extremely violent and gruesome scene. Ugh!


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One response to “New Layout and Other Thoughts

  1. Mallory White

    Pedro is adorable… i haven’t talked to you or Jason in a while and saw your email with Pedro’s picture so i decided to drop by and just say hello 🙂
    ❤ Mallory

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