Monday Inspiration: Feb 4

Here's what has been inspiring me this week:

  • Watched Stardust this weekend. I added it to my Netflix account because it ended up in my recommendations and boy, am I glad! Jason and I loved it. I absolutely love movies that have an imaginative element to them and this was one of them. Here's a clip from the movie:
  • For Valentine's Day, Jason and I decided to go low-key and get something small for each other. I got my gift early, because he bought me a stool for my scrapbook table. Trust me, this was needed. Lately I've been inspired by Amy Butler's book Midwest Modern. It's great and her fabrics are amazing. I'm making a cushion for the stool, so I bought this fabric this weekend.
  • There's a book by Amy Butler that I'm adding to my wishlist. I'll have to get it next month because I've already spent my February allowance. Isn't that sad? There's just too many great books and scrapbooking stuff out there. A weakness of mine…

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