Monday Inspiration: Feb 11

You know, you could really spend hours surfing the internet and reading such interesting things. It's like looking through YouTube or Flickr. You find something and next thing you know you've just spent 30 minutes looking at other stuff. Here's what has inspired me this week:

  • Have you ever checked out The Pioneer Woman? Her cooking blog is great and the pictures are amazing. Check out her valentine meal (which, by the way, looks pretty manageable.) Nothing too complex. Don't know how diet friendly it is, though.
  • This journal looks so cool. I don't have to do lent, though I appreciate the idea. I like Molly's layouts for her lent journal.
  • Elsie Flanagan (Love, Elsie/KI Memories) has a puppy scrapbook line out. Guess I'll be buying it soon.
  • This fabric bucket is a cute way to use some fabrics to pretty up a plain bucket.
  • Speaking of that same concert…Check out this album by Ali Rogers. She opened for Shawn, and her songs are amazing. I love the low-key feeling of this album. Great to relax to.

And, lastly, I'll share my most recent favorites from Flickr.


1. Untitled, 2. Majestic, 3. Shadow Dance, 4. Untitled, 5. Help!, 6. Groomed Yet Again!, 7. Peacock (Pfau), 8. Seeing Double, 9. Sittin' Pretty, 10. 2008-Feb-01 – Seaham Sunrise – County Durham, 11. Free and easy down the road I go!, 12. Why So Sad, Young Lady?, 13. POLLEN STICKS, 14. She Picks Sea Shells, 15. Reflections, 16. steam n storm clouds

Click on the links above to view the photo on the original artist's page.

Happy Inspiration Monday!


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