Survey for NSD @

The following is a survey for one of the National Scrapbooking Day (NSD) challenges at

Do you stand up and/or clap at the end of a good movie?

Sometimes I clap. Depends on who I am with. Definitely a clapper if I'm watching with my kindegarten class.

Which do you like better; the escalator, elevator or regular steps?

Walking up the escalator. Much faster than steps, but not as lazy as just standing. I really prefer moving sidewalks.

If you eat at a friend's house, do you eat all of the food even if you don’t like it?

Try to.

What’s your favorite zoo animal?


Which is better at a park; the swings or the slide?

Swings. Jumping off the swings in mid-air is even better.

What do you usually order at your favorite restaurant?

I have several favorite restaurants, so I will list them all. Brownstones = Pulled Piggy Pork sandwich. Chesterfields = Chicken Alfredo Pizza. Logans = Southwestern Salad.


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