Monday Inspiration: June 9

Okay, so this Monday Inspiration thingy took a little hiatus. *Note to self* Don't try to start a new project with only a couple months left in the school year. Remind myself: I'm too tired around that time to start any new projects. Hee hee…

Now back to my Monday inspiration. Since I have the whole glorious summer off, I'm spending it finally unpacking boxes, emptying the "junk room" (aka the room that was holding garage sale stuff that will now be donated), and organizing my home. This week I'm working on the office. It went through a major overhaul in recent months. So, I'm going to share what inspired me when thinking about my creative space.

First, The Organized and Inspired Scrapbooker has got to be one of the best books on organizing your crafting space. Even if you don't scrapbook, they have great ideas for organizing. Plus it shows some high profile scrapbookers' own spaces to create.

Second, here are some of my favorite pictures on Flickr of how other people organize their spaces.

Some of My Favorite Crafting Spaces, originally uploaded by wonderfully complex.

Please click on the photo above to be taken to a page that gives all of the artists' proper credits. I forgot to copy and paste the code that lists each inividual picture's link.


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