Flickr's Robots

It is amazing to see how people spend their spare time. I spend it gazing at what crazy things people do with robots and a camera. These are a few of my faves that I found on flickr:

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My favorite robots, originally uploaded by wonderfully complex.

1. Birthday Robot, 2. robot_sm, 3. Robot collection, 4. Robot Attack!, 5. Robot Parade 11: 2-Grin Robot, 6. i ROBO pod robot, 7. Roboto Robusto robot, 8. a robot family portrait, 9. robot: body shot, 10. build a ROBOT cupcakes!, 11. robot circa 1981, 12. robot in the kitchen (day 6), 13. Robot-7, 14. Silver Robot Wedding Invitations – printed holders, 15. a wee robot – daytime shot, 16. Day 145.5: Holy Robots! It's Leap Day!

For some reason the first photo didn't show up. Oh well, 'cause it was cute.

Tomorrow: Surprise! Saving the best for last before we do our Weekend Exploration.


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