Weekend Exploration: Felt

I had originally planned on making a felt book cover for my Bible, but my school work has taken FOREVER! Seriously, I'm so glad that I'm not working at the moment because there is no way I could do it. Praise the Lord I am almost through with this masters. My class load this trimester is intense…I spend half the day doing just school work.

But I digress. Back to the felt…I decided to make my own felt embellishments with some leftover black felt and use that on a layout. I've found that it's a lot easier for me to tackle a 12×12 layout if I make a sketch first. So, here's my sketch:


And, here's the layout I made:


Supplies used:American Crafts (patterned paper, chipboard alhpas); Making Memories (paint); Century Gothic (font); wire; beads; felt; rhinestone; glitter

Here's a quick glimpse of how I made the butterflies.

First, I printed out images of the same butterfly in different sizes using the shape tool in Photoshop Elements. Then I glued the images to chipboard and cut those out to make my own templates. (Yes, I understand that this would have been much simplier with a die-cut or something of the sort, but I didn't have one of those.)


After tracing my template and cutting it out of the felt, I cut some wire and twisted it to form antennas. I added some beads for a nice touch. I used Crafter's Pick The Ultimate to glue the antennas down. I also secured the back with some tape for some stability.


And there you go…some handmade felt embellishments.


Lately I've been into butterflies and their flight, so I added some clear beads on my layout to show their path.



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