Fall Wreath


The glittered pumpkins are my own creation using Martha Stewart glitters (these are by far my favorite glitters ever!). They are simple to use:

First I brush glue on, one small section at a time. I use the Martha Stewart glittering glue but any liquid glue would work fine.


I use a paper plate (this will come in handy toward the end) underneath my glittering. Pour glitter over the “glued” section. The paper plate will catch the excess glitter which you can use again. You don’t have to use a paper plate; just find something that is flexible. I have found a paper plate it easier than just paper. Again, you’ll understand this when you read through to the end of my directions.


Continue each section until the entire thing has been glittered. You might have to go back and fix a few spots. Now, here’s the explanation for why I use a paper plate. Once I’m finished with my glittering, I bend the paper plate and pour my glitter back into the container. No wasted glitter, which in my book is a “good thing.”


You can find the Martha Stewart glitters online, in Michaels, and at Wal-Mart. I buy mine from Michaels because they are sold in larger amounts. Wal-Mart has some, but these are more like “sample” sets because you do not get much.


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One response to “Fall Wreath

  1. Jason Sheffield

    Baby you continue to impress me. Good Job! Thanks for making our house a home.

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