9 Friday Finds


1. The "Crayola" song by Kristin Andreasson and Megan Downes is absolutely adorable. And catchy.

2. Love this painting by Jill Calder. The colors make me so happy.

3. I just downloaded "The Show" by Lenka. Such a cute and blissful sound. Very bouncy (can you describe music like that?). Plus, her album images give me some great ideas for a scrapbook layout.


4. Do you know Rebecca St. James? Well, these are her brothers Joel & Luke. I like Rebecca's music, but I'm not a huge fan. Just a little too much pop and cheese for me. However, Joel and Luke have a different sound…a little more alternative and punk, mixed with some pop. I especially love "Missing" and "Broken Lullabies." They aren't on iTunes yet, but you can listen to their music on MySpace.

5. I love to draw. And, I especially love how Alexander (aka Nate Williams) turns ordinary letters into something else. I'm working on my own, turning the alphabet into different drawings of butterflies, bugs, worms, etc.

6. Okay, I've said it before. I LOVE maps. Have a huge collection at the house. So, naturally, I love these envelopes made from maps by SecretMe. How cool, plus good for the environment. Kudos.


7. This is the most adorable pincushion ever. And the yummiest looking. Definitely want to try and make one on my own.

8. I adore ballet flats. Since I'm on my feet ALL freakin day long, I had to give up my high heels. *sob* I really loved my red heels. They looked so cute when I wore them with black pants or jeans. Just a nice splash of color. I really loved matching them with my aqua pants and a red shirt. I was devastated when I was forced to put them in my Salvation Army pile. *sniffle* Oh, I know. I can still wear heels to church. But unfortunately my feet went up two sizes, so the beautiful shoes didn't fit. Now, I wear ballet flats. But, who says I can't have some color in my life? These yellow flats by JCrew would offer that. I just wish the price was a little bit more advantageous to someone on a teacher assistant's salary.

9. Unicorns rock. At least that's what Veronica Mars would say. I bet she would love this clock. I do.


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