Friday Finds: St. Patrick's Day Edition

With St. Patrick's Day just around the corner, I thought I'd show some luck-of-the-Irish Etsy finds.


1. I've seen a lot of stamped metal necklaces, and this lucky one by J.C. Jewelry Design is perfect for St. Patrick's Day. You can also order custom necklaces stamped with your children's names, husband's name, pet's name, or just about any 12-letter word you can think of.

2. Even Fido can get into the Irish mood with this awesome Celtic dog collar by Classic Hound.

3. I love the flower and feather headbands I've been seeing lately on J.Crew, Forever21, and Charlotte Russe. This get lucky headband from Miss Ruby Sue is pure loveliness (and the fact that it is on sale adds to its charm).


4. I used to never wear rings, but now lately I've enjoyed a little splash of color and personality on my fingers from nail polish to rings. This lime and emerald green cocktail ring from Bella Lilli is definitely full of personality.

5. I have always loved to wear flowers in my hair and did so frequently in college. If you don't believe me, check out my Easter photos. Handmade dresses + flowers in hair = pure goodness. Of course, I LOVE this green flower clip by Mandizzle. Plus the hair-do is pretty cool.

6. You can't mention St. Patrick's Day without mentioning a shamrock. This shamrock necklace from Notions by Nicole is the epitome of St. Patrick's Day.


7. This whimsical emerald gardenia necklace from Bionic Unicorn is neat but the price isn't. Still, it's beautiful to admire.

8. This hand-carved four-leaf clover stamp from Whimsy by Jess is divine. Her other stamps are simply divine. I'm supposed to learn how to carve my own stamps in the RVA online class I'm taking. Can't wait.

9. I can't devote an entire Friday Finds to St. Patrick's Day without an ode to the rainbow (and the ultimate quest for the pot of gold at the end of one). This rainbow necklace by Minty Fresh Fusions is too cute!


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