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Hey everyone! I hope you are having a great time looking at all the amazing cards in the Cards for Heroes Blog Hop! Note: This is not the first blog post in the blog hop. Be sure to start at the beginning of the blog hop by going here and clicking on the blog hop button.

I decided to go with a patriotic theme since CFH is taking cards for Independence Day.

Supplies used: Cardstock (Prism); Patterned Paper (Scenic Route); Chipboard letters (Maya Road); Clear Star Shape (Maya Road); Silver Pen (Martha Stewart Crafts); Ribbon (Offray)

This is a super easy card to make and can be easily adapted to any theme.

  1. Cut your cardstock to 5.5 inches wide by 8.5 inches tall. Fold the card in half to make the card 5.5×4.25 (which will fit in a A2 size envelope).
  2. Cut a piece of patterned paper to 5.5 inches wide by 2.75 inches tall. Adhere to the bottom of the card. Trim off any excess paper.
  3. Using the silver pen, draw faux stitching around the entire card. Also draw faux stitching around the clear star.
  4. String some yellow ribbon through the hole in the top of the clear star and wrap around the card where the patterned paper meets up with the cardstock.
  5. Tie the ribbon into a bow and slide around to the left of the card. Trim off excess ribbon. To prevent the ribbon from shifting, put a little glue behind one spot of the ribbon. It isn’t necessary to put glue behind the entire ribbon; just a little dab will do.
  6. Color the chipboard letters with the silver pen. If you are using the Martha Stewart pen, it will dry quickly. You could also use silver paint.
  7. Adhere the chipboard letters to the clear star. Depending on the size of your letters, they might hang over the edge of the star. That’s perfectly fine. When placing your letters, center the S first, then add the U and the A.
  8. Be sure to add some cream colored cardstock or patterned paper to the inside of the card for the soldier to write on. A lot of times soldiers have only pencils or black pens with them, so the navy isn’t suitable for writing. Adding some light paper to the inside will really help them out!
  9. If you are sending this card to CFH, click here to find out how.

This is my first time making a card for CFH and I absolutely loved it! I posted earlier about CFH, but in case you missed it, here’s what CFH is all about. Cards for Heroes began in 2007. Cardmakers from around the world make handmade cards and send them to CFH so that the cards can be distributed to soldiers overseas. Obviously, a soldier stationed in Iraq can’t head to the local drugstore to buy a card for his or her family member, so this is a great way to help our troops out. In addition to sending blank cards for soldiers to use, cardmakers can send AnyHero cards, which are cards of encouragement for the soldiers themselves.

Some of you may not know that my father served in the army when I was a child. We lived on army bases until 1989 when we finally settled down in Petal, Mississippi. In fact, my father was stationed in Augsburg, Germany where me and my younger sister were born. While we were fortunate to be with him then, there were other times that we could not go with my dad. I remember being four years old when my dad was stationed in Korea. We stayed back in Massachusetts at the time. Therefore, CFH’s efforts mean a lot to me. Though no one is my family is currently serving in the military, I understand the sacrifice the troops are making.

CFH has sent 140,875 cards, so let’s make it more! To encourage you to make your own card for CFH, I have a little happy for you to win.

Here’s what you can win:

  • (1) 5.5×4.5 navy card with cream envelope
  • (1) 5.5×2.75 patterned paper strip
  • (1) Maya Road clear star
  • (1) Martha Stewart silver metallic pen
  • (1) 18 feet Lemon Satin ribbon spool
  • Maya Road chipboard letters: u, s, a

To be entered in this drawing, please leave a comment sharing your Memorial Day plans. Comments will be closed MIDNIGHT on Monday night (May 25). I will pick one winner at random, so be sure to leave your name and email address. The winner will be announced Tuesday morning.

EDITED: Comments have been closed. I will draw a name in the morning and post the winner then. Also, I will notify CFH of the winner, so check CFH’s website for a complete list of winners. Thanks for playing and thank you for all the kind comments.

To continue in the blog hop, please head over to Bridget’s blog and see what she’s been crafting.

Bridget is a Stampin’ Up demonstrator from Australia (HOLY MOLY – that’s awesome!) and her cards are gorgeous! Bridget made two cards – one for a male, one for a female. How cool is that?


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113 responses to “CFH Blog Hop: *USA* Card

  1. Chris C.

    Your card is great. Love the silver accents, they’re a great touch.

  2. Such a gorgeous card!!! Love the fun USA chipboard!! 😉 TFS!!

  3. Beautiful job, i love this card!

  4. karen q

    I love your card and am so happy to discover your blog.

  5. I ADORE your card and love that your RAK gives one of us the chance to make it! Thank you!

  6. Love the yellow ribbon on your patriotic card.

  7. Wonderful card! TFS!! Love the ribbon and letters! {{cheers}}

  8. your card is fantastic! thank you for supporting our troops! Have a wonderful Memorial weekend! 🙂

  9. Sarah M

    Love the yellow ribbon with the patriotic colors!! Stunning!

  10. JPScraps

    Great card…Love the way you put it all together!

  11. Ohh, wow I love the pop of yellow, great great card! and the chance to win goodies too, how kind of you!

  12. kas

    Thank you for your father’s service and your family’s sacrifice. Great card!

  13. Love your card, I used a yellow ribbon too! My plans for Memorial Day are to take it easy, spend time with my family, and be thankful for living in a free democratic country. Happy Memorial Day to you 🙂

  14. Lovely card- thanks for sharing the kit with some lucky person!

  15. Gorgeous card! Love it! 🙂

  16. beautiful, and i love your blog!

  17. Bethany

    Wow, what a really nice card. I MUST have one of those MS silver pens!

  18. I love your card, that yellow ribbon is so pretty! 🙂

  19. Diana

    fabulous card. enjoyed the blog hop in honor of those troops. Pray for them. THS

  20. {vicki}

    today-cousin’s graduation
    sun-Braves game
    mon- small town celebration

  21. krolski (kathy)

    Great card! Going to a cookout.

  22. Great cards! I will be enjoying a BBQ to celebrate those who serve our country.
    TFS and have a wonderful weekend!

  23. Loni

    Terrific card and great use of yellow ribbon. Thanks for supporting Cards for Heroes.

  24. Very pretty card. Nice job!

  25. *gasp* what a STUNNING CARD! I am allll over contrast and this card has it in spades! Yummy! And yellow ribbon to boot…my favorite color! You know how to make this girl smile 🙂
    Thanks for participating in our bloghop….and for inspiring ME!

  26. Wow – I LOVE this card. Love the Rusty Pickle paper (SO perfect, huh?), the faux stitching, the Maya Rd chipboard… well, everything really. lol Thanks for adding the technique, too. Love to learn how cards are made.
    This is so much fun! So happy to be doing the blog hop for such a good cause with such a great, generous group of talented peeps! *smile*

  27. Jennifer B.

    Love the card! I’m spending Memorial Day with my family!

  28. We are going back to visit family, will got a Memorial Day service that my gpa is involved in and then off to a picnic.

  29. Yvette

    Love how you put a yellow ribbon on your card to make it pop! I’ll be spending the whole weekend with my hubby and children:)

  30. WOW! Your card is gorgeous! So well done.
    Thank you for participating in CFH!

  31. Lynn Spencer

    I love your cards. Thanks so much for supporting this event. I am the proud Mother of a US soldier!
    Thank you for supporting our troops.

  32. thank you for the wonderful intro to my blog Christy. I love your card, that yellow ribbon just sets it off and is so symbolic.

  33. Kara

    I really love your card. Thanks for the instructions as well. The yellow ribbon is perfect!

  34. This weekend I plan to spend time with my family who are visiting from northern California and make a few cards for this project!!! Thank you for sharing your card with us– I love the clear star!

  35. Martha

    Love your card! The see through star just does it for me 🙂 Thank you for sharing your story with us. You really do know deployment from the inside of the family.
    And thank you for participating in the CFH blog hop!

  36. What a beautiful card – thank you for sharing it, and for sharing the directions! (I have already printed them out and added to my inspiration folder!). My weekend plans are to enjoy this blog hop, and sort some CFH cards that have been coming in this week. Today we are going to Boston for a walking tour and dinner with my 11yo. Should be a nice weekend! Thanks for your support of CFH and our heroes!

  37. shelly powell

    Your card is so beautiful!! Well done! Also really like your site. Your side bar little owl is so cute!!

  38. This card is just inspiring! The yellow sends it over the top. Beauty. Thanks for rak.

  39. Nancy L.

    Thats a great card! Thanks to your Dad who served for our country!

  40. As a military wife, please let me say thank you for what you are doing. It’s so good to know that there are others thinking of our loved one’s when they’re in harms way. What a wonderful way of showing your appreciation!
    As far as my Memorial Day plans – unfortunately my daughter and I are both sick with a mean cold – hopefully it’ll clear up so we can at least enjoy the nice weather we’re supposed to have!

  41. Tara Prince

    Super card! I will be working on Memorial day. Thanks for supporting Cards for Heroes!

  42. Denise Wieger

    Love the card. I like the way you used the letters.

  43. Your card is absolutely stunning! Thank you for sharing. It’s very inspirational.

  44. Carole RB

    Very nice card Christy

  45. Your card is soooo pretty! I am enjoying this hop 🙂

  46. Janice

    Your card is one of my favorites!
    I will be spending Memorial Day with my daughter doing something together, of course, after I email all of my friends who are or have family in the service. It’s a time to remember their service to us and our country.

  47. Fabulous card! I just love that Scenic Route paper!!!

  48. Thanks everybody for submitting such nice comments! This card was fun to make, but it means even more to me to know that it’s going to a good cause. Thanks again!

  49. Anita

    I love your card! My Memorial Day plans include hopping through 130 blogs! Also, my parents are visiting and spending time with my kids. It’s raining here today, so I’m blog hopping while the others watch the Indy 500 on TV. Good fun!

  50. Kay

    Love your card and love your blog! I’ll be back – I’ve found some great new places on this bloghop!

  51. I love love love this card! Beautiful work. We’re attending a graduation party today and a BBQ with friends tomorrow.

  52. One of my faves so far–awesome card and i’m enjoying your blog 🙂

  53. Julie

    Your card is gorgeous! The inspiration I’m getting seeing all this creativity on the bloghop is fantastic!
    Isn’t this bloghop an amazing event?? I had never heard of CFH before and I’m looking forward to celebrating Memorial Day with my kids as we make cards to send in to CFH. 🙂

  54. I love your card! I’ve enjoyed looking around your blog, too. My weekend plans seem to be watching the rain. 😦

  55. Nancyljk

    When I saw your card I literally gasped, it is so gorgeous, just wonderful!
    For the Memorial Day weekend, I plan to finish this blog hop, send my son an email, he’s a Marine currently deployed in Iraq and call my dad to thank him for his service as a Marine in WWII. Then I think my DH and I will enjoy a day at Disneyland.
    Blessings to you for supporting all our heroes!

  56. great card! I love the clear stars!

  57. I forgot to tell you what I’m doing for Memorial!!!! My husband and I are getting on our motorcycles and riding around, having a BBQ with some friends and enjoying our freedom!!!

  58. Suz

    Awesome card — I really love the yellow ribbon. Thanks for supporting CFH

  59. Wow what a great card! And thanks for the instructions on how you put it together. I was almost sure the letters were charms until you posted that it was chipboard! Way cool! Thanks for sharing.

  60. I forgot! For Memorial Day, we will be spending time with family. If I were back home it would be a bigger get together since we are a huge Army family, but now it is just me and my husband and daughter. I think we may drag out daddys pictures from the service so my daughter can see him in his uniform. 🙂

  61. Awesome card and thanks for the directions! I need a little help sometimes and those directions are great! Thanks!

  62. Carolyn S.

    love your card and it certainly doesn’t look easy. thanks for sharing and supporting our troops
    ceashark at aol dot com

  63. I love the USA on your card! I will be spending Memorial Day visiting my oldest brother who served in Vietnam. He lives far away and I haven’t seen him in several years, so I am looking forward to seeing him and my other brothers tomorrow! They also served proudly in the Marines.

  64. chrisd

    Thanks for your work for CFHs!Iworking on a new batch myself this weekend!

  65. wonderful card and thanks for the step by step. I’m learning so much along the way!

  66. Love your card.
    And my plans for Memorial Day is to spend time with our parents and BBQ.

  67. Linda C.

    FABULOUS artwork! Please tell your Dad thank you for his service to our country!

  68. such a great card! And I love your blog!

  69. Renee

    Great card…and thanks for posting instructions!

  70. What a super pretty patriotic card! I love the use of the clear star behind the chipboard letters. Very nice!!
    Please thank your dad for his years of service with the Army and I wish you and your entire family a wonderful Memorial Day.

  71. Llynn

    BBQ-ing and crafting-all weekend!

  72. Nancy C. from Wilmington, NC

    My Memorial Day plans are to participate in the moment of silence at 3. And then unfortunately, I have to get ready for surgery the next day. No picnics for me this year. 😦

  73. awesome card!!!
    we will be having family over for a get together and BBQ. just hanging out and spending time with each other…

  74. paula

    Love your card!!!

  75. Beautiful card.. thanks for being part of the blog hop and for the support to CFH 🙂 .. also thanks for the giveaway!

  76. Maggie

    Great card, nice to see the step by step instruction. I am a newbie to cardmaking. Thank you for supporting our troops

  77. NanaBeth

    Your card is beautiful-thank you for all the tips along the way. The hop has been an incredible experience-my thanks to all of you for such an outstanding job.

  78. Paula Mangum

    Your site is beautiful. I LOVE your card. It is stunning.
    Tomorrow morning – Memorial Day – my mom is driving down and she and my husband and I will be going out for breakfast. I am not sure what the rest of the day holds – my birthday is on Tuesday, so that is why she is traveling down. I don’t have to work, and neither does my husband and of course the kids are out of school, so we have a rare day when we are all off – so may end up going to the beach and roasting hotdogs!

  79. I will be attending a graduation party for a friends son, thank you for supporting our troops!

  80. Happy Memorial Day! Your card is beautiful and thank you for your creativity and dedication to this great cause. Thanks to your father for his service to our country : ) Sb

  81. Lisa

    Pretty card! I love the yellow ribbon!

  82. Betty Kincannon

    What a Beautiful Card!! Thanks for participating in the CFH blog hop!!

  83. Paula

    Beautiful card. Love the star! TFS!

  84. What a gorgeous card! I love the clear star! We are going to have a BBQ today. Rain or shine! Enjoy the holiday!

  85. LOVE your card and blog – just subscribed thru Google Reader – TFS and thanx for the blog candy opp!
    slblondin at netscape dot net

  86. Nikki M

    I am ALMOST through the entire hop and I think that this is my favorite card! Thank you for participating and sharing. Will have to stop back by after the hop to look around! Happy Memorial Day!

  87. Awesome card, and so sweet of you to offer it as an RAK! I was born in Germany as well – and we went back when I was in K-2 grade. My dad served in Korea, but that was before I was born. But I remember when he was deployed away from us at other times.
    Thanks for sharing with CFH!

  88. SuzAnn

    Love that ribbon and the pop of yellow. thanks for your support of this bloghop!

  89. I love your card! Thanks for supporting our troops!

  90. Victoria S.

    WOW! What a wonderful card! Thanks for supporting our troops. Please thank your Dad for serving! and thanks for the chance at the RAK! I do plan to make some cards – this would help!
    Today we will cookout -already did on Sat. so much fun we want to again today.
    My husband was in the Coast Guard b4 we met -so i will honor him!

  91. Doris

    Oh, I love this card!!
    I plan to just kick back today, since we’ve already BBQ’d with family and visited cemeteries. I want to make some cards too after all of this wonderful inspiration!

  92. Terrific card! My Memorial Day plans? The CHF blog hop- I am determined to visit and comment on every blog participating in this wonderful event. Also, repotting some plants and (unhappily) more papers and tests to mark.
    Thanks for your generous blog candy!

  93. mdell

    Great card!! Thanks for the inspiration!

  94. Ina Ftacek

    My plans are to visit my dad at the military cemetery to honor him on this appropriate day and then spend time with my grandson and family. Hope you have a blessed day and appreciate your cards and support to military and families. Hugs,ina Thanks for the blogging experience!

  95. cjs

    Your card is SO awesome! Love it!

  96. gorgeous card!! thank you for participating in CFH

  97. Kerri

    Your card is BEAUTIFUL!!! I LOVE the yellow ribbon on it! As far as plans go my 3 boys and I have been hanging out, enjoying time with friends, and I’ve been doing the hop off and on in my free time.

  98. Your card is lovely. I love the big clear star! My plans for Memorial Day were to WORK. Yuck! LOL Thanks for visiting my blog during the CHF hop 🙂

  99. This is a great card, I love how it’s patriotic without being just red white and blue!
    This weekend I worked, helped paint a room at my brothers, and today have been bloghopping and watching baseball!

  100. Love your card… thanks for sharing your creativity and for participating. Enjoy your day! – a Military Mom

  101. Grace

    What a gorgeous card.

  102. Great card!
    I’ve spent the weekend blog hopping!
    And a quick walk with the kids to see the cows near our home. 🙂

  103. Naomi Maciver

    We have been to the parade, shopping and Chipotle!

  104. Love your card and your blog is nice too! Thank you for sharing.

  105. LyndaC

    Your card is total CUTENESS. Plans for Memorial Day – blog hop of course 🙂 Actually, worked a little on a happy home improvement project, a little BBQ, a little playin’ with the kids. All good. Happy Memorial Day.

  106. Patty Y.

    what a wonderful card, love the rich colors. Just spending Memorial Day finally sitting down to hop through. What a wonderful inspiration; not just the cards, but the personal stories. We are truly blessed by those who serve like your father. TFS.

  107. Gorgeous card! I love your faux stitching!!
    We grilled out yesterday and took our son to the park to see the ducks.
    Today it rained so we stayed in and spent time as a family 🙂

  108. Very nice card. Thanks for sharing it and your family story. Especially thanks to your father for his service in Korea.

  109. Kathy Thompson

    Absolutely LOVE your card and thanks for including the directions. This Memorial Day we spent celebrating with our close friends and our grandaughter. We flew our flag to honor all past the current heroes who help keep us “the home of the free”.

  110. Patti

    I enjoyed the directions/tutorial of your card, and great job on the card.
    I am sure the 4 years away from your Dad was
    tough. Thank you for sharing the story.

  111. I love the challenge you posted in your ‘edit’. Super idea and I’m right on it.
    How did I celebrate Memorial Day? By participating in my now 5 year old grandson’s birthday party from breakfast to bedtime and watching a large swarm of 5 year olds enjoy a Star Wars birthday party. What a thrill! OH, and I also checked through another 25 or so blogs on this hop before the festivities got underway. Congrats to all participants!!
    ~Blythe, Mi Wuk Village, CA

  112. Sharon Levine

    special card and so are you