Happy * Loves 12.31.09

10 things that I'm enjoying right now:

1. chai tea. LOVE LOVE LOVE it.

Yummmm...Chai Tea

2. I'm reorganizing my craft room, so flickr is always an inspiration. Just a few of my recent faves.

Heather Bailey: Studio

Room of Drawers and a Table

3. dollhouses. I have one that was never finished, and it is on my list of goals for 2010.

This house smells of ghosts.


4. blythe dolls. I love seeing how women style them. it's like barbie but for grown ups.


5. totally enjoying my les petit doll beginner class from Suzi Blu. totally behind on it as well, but that's okay. i <heart> drawing. Here's the beginning of my petit doll. Can you see I was inspired by Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland that is coming out in March?

Petit Alice

6. i've been enjoying reading the tales of skunkboy creatures. I can't remember if I found her site through elsie or leigh-ann's blog, but I remember seeing her work in stuffed. love her creations.


7. winter white. heavenly.


as seen on Design is Mine, original source here

8. all things kawaii (japanese for *cute*).

Kawaii Heart Ring Embellishment Pearly Decor Plastic DIY Japan

9. fabric poms. I'm going to make some for my craft studio.


10. cupcakes. yum.




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