Happy * Loves 01.15.10


I'm so glad that I didn't put Thursday in the title of this weekly column because I'm a tad late this week. Oh well. I have an excuse because I've been getting ready for the re-grand opening of my etsy store. I've got a lot of great cards that I will be listing (plus a bonus for anybody who orders during the month of January) so stay tuned! I hope to open the shop on Monday.

Here's what has inspired me this week.

1. Funky nail polish. Anybody who knows me knows I'm not afraid of color on my nails. The only problem I have is keeping it looking nice. I usually end up with very chipped nail polish. Anyway, I especially love the Alice-inspired line that OPI is coming out with. Love the glittered Mad-as-a-Hatter polish.



2. Paper dolls!!!! I've been looking at different ones for inspiration for my Petit Dolls class I'm taking and I am hooked. I always loved playing with paper dolls as a child. So easy to change. Of course, then Barbies came along. But, paper dolls are so economical. I'm really enjoying the free paper dolls on Liana Kerr's blog. You can print and cut them out for free. I am amazed that she draws and colors these herself. I also love that the outfits are based on what's happening in her life, whether it is a movie she just watched, a book she just read, or a game she just played.

Here's some of my favorites for the Sylvia doll.

  Paperdollwithdress Poison-green-mermaid-style-evening-gown-tabbed

(L to R): source, source

Golden-mermaid-tail-green-seaweed-tabbed Margaret-hale-gown-elizabeth-gaskell-north-and-south-tabbed

(L to R): source, source

Magic-wiki-dress-1-purple-gown-with-black-tulle-skirt-and-white shift-tabbed  Black-and-vile-colored-fairy-of-disease-and-illness-tabbed 

(L to R): source, source


3. I love my dog, Pedro. We have so much fun hanging out.

Pedro's Side Profile

4. Cherry Blossom Girl's pictures of Paris in the snow. So dreamy.



5. Miniatures. I've been checking out pictures for ideas for my dollhouse. Love these miniature goodies from Petit Plat by SK.

Miniature Food - Pink and White Cherry Cake


Miniature Food - Birthday Board


Miniature Sushi For 2


6. Mermaids. Love 'em.



Paper Doll: Mermaid


Littlest Mermaid


7. I finally saw Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette this week. We all know the outcome of that story, so I was more interested in seeing the stylization of the movie. Wow, love love love the costumes. So pretty.

Marie Antoinette


8. I really love the cabinet card digital frames that Danielle Thompson released over at JessicaSprague.com, but I especially love how her team member Kirsty Neale used them on fabric to make a book and banner.




9. Alisa Burke's painted egg carton organizer tutorial is a great idea for reusing instead of wasting. Plus, her art is fantastic.



10. Mists!!!!

Glimmer Mists

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