Shop Review: The Button Shop

One thing I would like to do more on this blog is review my shopping experiences with different shops out there…some local, some chains, and many etsy shops. Especially etsy and local shops. I believe that word-of-mouth is the best marketing there, plus if I know something about a store I like to share it with others. The good and the bad. So, at least twice a month I hope to bring you a shop review.


This week I'm reviewing The Button Shop. This shop is owned by Tessa Ann, who creates the most beautiful buttons out of polymer clay. For example, look at what is currently in her shop:





Look at the amazing details on each button! These aren't just various polymer clay buttons in different colors. The images on the buttons are amazing.

You can also request a button set to match a specific color scheme. Or, if you want buttons to match a specific scrapbooking line, you can also request that.

The buttons you see are not the exact buttons you will get, as Tessa Ann makes the buttons once you order them. Therefore, it can take up to one week before your buttons are shipped. I will say that the buttons I received looked very much like the buttons in the picture.

I had no problems placing an order with Tessa Ann's shop. She uses to host her shop, and Etsy uses PayPal as the form of payment. Within 24 hours of purchase I received an email from Tessa Ann letting me know when she would ship my buttons. My order was shipped via good 'ol USPS First Class and arrived on time.

I was very excited when I saw the adorable packaging. (I'm big on packaging. I love it to look nice, and bonus points if it contains something that I can reuse.)



Can totally reuse that adorable crepe paper strip and twine!


Even her handwriting is adorable!


The set I ordered had 12 buttons total; 4 buttons with decorative elements, 4 buttons with painted elements, and 4 plain buttons.


All of the buttons were in great shape. (No breakage! Whew! I have to admit that I was a little worried about polymer clay buttons traveling through the mail.) Each button was glazed as well.


The buttons did appear a little larger in the promo picture, so here's a pic to give you an idea of the size. The size can vary depending on what set you order.

I immediately set to work using these buttons. They are almost too adorable to use, but I had some great ideas in mind.

First, I made a headband "slipcover" and used the buttons on a felt flower. I had a very ugly, gold headband. I always try to think of how I could use something before I throw it away or donate it. After some thought, I realized that I could cover the headband somehow. At first I was going to try ribbon, but then I remembered this post from MmmCrafts on making a fabric cover that you slip over the headband. The great thing about this is that it is, in essence, a slipcover that you can take off. I envision myself making several of these in different colors so I can change them out to match my headband. Goodbye ugly gold, hello pretty florals!


I just so happened to have some leftover fabric that matched my buttons perfectly! I made a flower out of pink and white felt, added some stitching, and stitched on a button for the flower center. I then stitched some leaves to flower and stitched the entire thing to my headband (being sure to go through only one layer of fabric so I could change out the fabric if I wanted to).


Very fun and flirty!



The next project was to make a simple flower ring. I wanted something that would be strong enough, but nothing too permanent. I used glue dots to adhere the button to the flower and the flower to the ring. If you want something permanent, I would definitely recommend a stronger glue.



The last project I made was a card (OF COURSE!!!). I know all three projects used the buttons as flower centers, but I can't help it! I love using buttons as centers for my flowers.

(Sorry for the horrible pic of the card. It was dark by the time I took this so I had to use my flash. Trust me, the colors are not so brash and you can actually read the sentiment in person.)

Birthday Wishes-3

Birthday Wishes-2

I still have some buttons left, too!

I will definitely purchase from this shop again. I had a great experience and the product is simply beautiful.

If you have shopped from The Button Shop before, please share your comments below. I would love to hear your experience as well!


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