Playing with the Pen Tablet + a freebie

I’ve mentioned before that I got a Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet. Love this little thing. It allows me to do things with digital scrapbooking and graphics design that I would never accomplish with a mouse. To help myself learn this little baby a bit more, I’m taking a class on Jessica Sprague’s website, “Pen Tablet Basics for Scrapbookers.” Here’s my week one projects:

Road Trip

I’m trying to use my pen tablet instead of mouse to do anything in Photoshop. But, some specific things done with the pen tablet were: the handwriting, the scalloped border on the two orange papers, and the orange dotted line from one destination to the other.

CSheffield-sample doodle

We also had to practice some doodling mid-week with the theme of love. I’m no where near finished, but I thought I’d post a sample of the work I’m doing. I’ll post the finished project when I completed. I think this would end up being a neat patterned paper.


And, finally, we had to create some sort of layout or embellishment using dotted lines. I made a journaling tag. I wanted it to have a free form look, so I didn’t worry about lining the dotted lines up exactly or spacing them perfectly. I made a tag for my husband.

And, here’s a blank one that you can download for your own personal use. You can right-click and “save link as” or click on the link to open the image in a new window.



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