Artist spotlight: Danita

There are a few artists that I absolutely love, and Danita is one of them. Her mixed media paintings are breathtaking. So fun and lively; a perfect representation of someone who lives somewhere as colorful as Mexico.

I remember seeing Danita’s work in Somerset Studio. After that first article, I instantly recognized her work. She has somehow created a style that is uniquely her own. No one else can come close to recreating Danita’s style. I love how whimsical her little people are. Even though their faces are often solemn, I am immediately drawn to them, wanting to know more.

Danita also translates her style into jewelry, combining pendants and beads with her unique images. You are truly wearing a piece of art when you don one of her creations. And, these are not mass-produced either. Danita isn’t selling her jewelry through some other manufacturer or distributor. These are handmade pieces.

To purchase prints, originals, and jewelry, visit Danita’s etsy shop here.

Read Danita’s blog here.


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