Illustration Friday: Slither

Here’s my drawing for this week’s Illustration Friday prompt, slither. I immediately thought of snakes, and since I’ve been re-reading Mythology: Timeless Tales of Gods and Heroes by Edith Hamilton my mind immediately turned to Medusa. I’ve been working on petit dolls for my Suzi Blu class, so I wanted to create a Medusa petit doll. My petit dolls are not ugly, though, so this Medusa isn’t extremely horrid.

Illustration Friday - Slither

My scanner is on the fritz, I think it might be his final days. RIP. Since I couldn’t scan the image, I photographed it. It really looks so much better in person. The photograph makes the lines and coloring look a little harsh.

I really love how her hair turned out. I loved drawing and coloring the individual snakes. And, I decided to match her skin to the snakes. At first I didn’t, but she looked *too* pretty. She needed something to make her a little more horrifying, though this depiction of her isn’t horrifying at all.

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  1. virginia

    love this medusa – luv the wings and the snakes!

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