Birthday Wish List

My birthday is next week! My family and I are notorious list-makers, so here’s what made it on my birthday wish list this year:

I’m totally in love with this camera tote from JoJo Totes. I am a photographer so I always have my camera on me. But sometimes I don’t care to haul around my large, unattractive camera bag. It makes me feel like a tourist. This tote is perfect! I can put my camera, extra lenses, and a few other goodies such as a snack, book, and wallet in this gorgeous tote. And it looks like a regular, but large purse.

*The picture with the person holding the tote is from Danielle Thompson’s blog. I first heard of this tote from her.

I love Blythe dolls but they are way over my budget right now. While looking for Blythes, I found something totally awesome…Pullip dolls! I love that these are ball-jointed dolls. This means that you can pose them. I wouldn’t recommend these dolls for little kiddos because they are expensive. But for doll collectors, these are a must. I really love this one!

I’m always asking for art supplies. The latest goodies on my list are 1. Golden Crackle Paste – I can’t believe I haven’t bought this yet, but I would love to add some crackle in my mixed media work. 2. PanPastel Artists’ Painting Pastels Sets – I’ve heard these are absolutely amazing pastels. I would love to start out with at least the 10-piece set. 3. Golden Fluid Acrylics, 1 oz – specifically Turquoise and Quinacridone Red.And a few other goodies: 1. Re-ment Dining Table – for 1:6 dolls (such as Barbie, Blythe, or Pullip). 2. Ranger Craft Spinner – to hold all my ink blending tools. 3. Re-ment Display Kitchen – another goodie for 1:6 dolls.

A couple of other things I asked for are some Copic Sketch Markers, a gift certificate to Papertrey Ink, and a gift certificate to Two Peas in a Bucket.

Of course, I don’t expect everything on this list! I am realistic, after all. These are some things that have inspired me lately that I would love to play with.


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